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Boost Your Business With The One and Only Sign Placement App

About  Our Services

Whether your a Realtor, Politician or Local Business Owner, the Take My Signs Mobile App is the most efficient way to order sign placement to boost your exposure.

Tired of waking up early in the morning to run in and out of traffic with open house signs? Now you don't have to! The Take My Signs Mobile App is designed to make your life easier. Try it once and I guarantee you will never want to put your own signs out again.

We use the latest GPS technology to find the driver near you with other routes in your area. Once the driver accepts the order, the user will receive real time status updates on the progress of the order.

How It Works
  1. Select Your Service Type
  2. Enter Open House Details
  3. Enter Order Notes
4. Pick Sign Locations and 
Directions on Interactive Map
5. Take My Signs Sends 
Order to Nearby Driver 
6. Driver Picks Up Your Signs and
Places Them According To Your Map​ The Day of the Open House
7. Follow Your Own Signs to Your Open House and Show Up Refreshed!
8. Driver Picks Up Signs After Open House And Delivers Them Back to the Pick Up Address

How Take My Signs Works


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much is Sign Placement?
A: 12 Signs starts at $69.99 per day. This is includes home pick up, sign placement, after open house sign pick up and returning of signs to the original pick up location.
Additional Signs are $3.00 to $3.75 a sign depending on quantity.

Q: Where should I place my signs for pick up?
A: For fast and efficient service, we prefer for the signs to be all in one location, easily accessible and ready for pick up. We can pick up signs from your driveway, yard, front door, garage and etc...
Offices are okay if open the same day as the open house.

Q: When should I expect my pick up/drop off? 
A: Pick ups are made between the hours of 6 am and 10 am and 5 pm the same day as the open house. Drop offs are made by between 4pm and 8pm the same day. Signs may be kept overnight it consecutive days ordered.
Q: Is there a way to track the status of my order?
A: Mobile App: Order status can be found in the order history tab.
Website: Order status can be found in the order summary.

Q: How much is it to add flags to my order?
A: Free! An equal number of flags to signs are included in the price

Q: What if people start arriving to my open house too early?
A: We suggest you do not have us place a sign in front of the open house, use sign riders with times or leave a note on the front door with the start time.

Q: Area there different charges for different areas?
A: No, however the app does calculate mileage from the pick up point to the open house at $1.25 a mile. FIRST 10 MILES ARE FREE.
Q: Can you store my signs in between open houses?
A: No, unfortunately we are unable to store signs at this time but drivers can pick up signs from anywhere the day of the open house.
Q: What areas do you service?
A: San Diego County
Expanding Nationwide August 2022

Q: What if a sign is lost or damaged?
A: TakeMySigns is not liable for damaged, lost or stolen signs during street placement. 
Q: How do I get help or contact my driver?
A: We are currently working on a way to chat with your driver directly. In the meantime, please email for the fastest response.
Q: Why is it so expensive?
Man Driving

Ready to Earn?

Take My Signs is always looking for drivers to join the team. Please use the buttons below to sign up and an area manager will contact you for training.

Welcome to the TMS Team!

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